Having studied art and design, I embarked on a career in marketing and somehow ended up marketing financial services. It was a rewarding career but very demanding with little time to express my more creative side.

I had always had a passion for 'making things' and every year I would create my own Christmas cards and often make gifts for friends and family rather than buying something more generic. When some schoolfriends and I were celebrating a significant birthday we decided to each give something which would be 'memorable'.

I was in my element! I decided to create individual prints with special words and dates specific to each friend. I had started to collect antique wooden letterpress fonts, having been fascinated by fonts and typography since my earlier design days, and I used these to hand print 8 personalised artworks. That was in 2009.

When my son was born, I decided to dedicate more time to my artwork and launched JustMyType the same year.

I had received so many requests for commissions from family, friends and friends of friends I wanted to reach out to a wider audience. Many of my designs still use painstakingly created digital versions of the antique letterpress fonts collected over many years. This has allowed me to be more flexible around the size of prints, and I'm pleased to say, delight customers all over the world.

I hope to work together with you to create something special for you or for your friends and family that will be treasured for years to come.