The Order Process

Personalised Artwork and Prints
To ensure you are delighted with any personalised artwork or print you order from us, we will email you a 'Design Proof' for approval before we create the finished artwork.

Design Proof
We understand it is easy to mis-spell a word, or get a date or place wrong first time, and the 'Design Proof' stage is the opportunity to correct those mistakes.

We want you to be really happy with your finished product and will normally be able to make reasonable corrections. As each artwork is individually designed, if the nature of changes is significant, it may result in an increase in costs.

Final Version
Once you've signed off a 'Design Proof' by email that will become the 'Final Version' of the artwork we create for you. If you have asked us to make changes, we will normally send you an email containing the final version for your records. Please note that once a final version has been agreed no changes can be made to an order.

Note about Design
Each and every personalised print or artwork from JustMyType is created to order. The various designs shown on this site are examples representing a particular design pattern or 'look'. The layout of a specific work must take into account a number of factors - particularly word length - therefore no two designs are ever the same.

Note about Colours
Colours can vary depending on the computer or screen they are viewed on. Each colour in our standard colour palatte does correspond to a specific 'Pantone' colour. Therefore please do bear in mind that if the colour on your print does match the Pantone equivalent colour you ordered, then any discrepancy will relate to your system setup, which is outside of our control. Please contact us if you would like us to send you a 'colour sample card'..